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May 23, 2009


A Calitri Relative?

Today on the way to my Italian lesson I listened to a new CD that I ordered- a mix of songs by various Italian singers. There was one song that I really loved and so I grabbed the cover to see who it was and his name was Vinicio Capossela. His name rang a bell for me and all of a sudden I remembered that although he was born in Germany, his parents were from Calitri. My grandfather was Lazzaro Capossela from Calitri and with the little research that I’ve done, I know that there aren’t many Caposselas left there. It makes me wonder if we are related!

At any rate this is the song that is my new favorite and now I’m on a quest to find out if perhaps he is a cousin.


5 thoughts on “A Calitri Relative?

  1. Happy research and have a good weekend.

  2. Hi Panini Girl,

    Are you a Capossela?

    • Hi Fred-yes-my grandfather was Lazzaro Capossela and he left Calitri in about 1907 and ended up in Tarrytown, NY. I think he had three brothers and a sister. What about you?

  3. Hey,
    Im related to some cappasellas too! I dont think i know you but im sure we are related! I was just looking up info about calitri because my family will be going there for the first time at the end of september! Im so glad i found this blog! Its so interesting!! 🙂

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