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May 21, 2009


Calling All Calitri Lovers

3rd view

Even though I won’t be spending time in my grandparents’ hometown of Calitri this summer, I can get a good glimpse of what’s going on there by checking out Jason’s blog- Un Calitrano Sordo. Earlier this week Jason arrived in Calitri from his home in Arizona. He’ll be living and working there for the next five months and I’ll be looking forward to his every post and gorgeous photos.

Last night I was thrilled to see that he had posted a photo of ” cingul’ “, a handmade pasta dish that I grew up eating at my grandmother’s table. We called them “jingles” and I’ve searched high and low for information on them, as I was certain that they must have another name. Now that I know what they’re actually called in the Calitrano dialect, maybe I can find some information on making them. My few attempts on recreating this favorite dish from my childhood have been less than awe inspiring, but I haven’t thrown the towel in yet!

I can’t wait to see what Jason is up to next. Perhaps he’ll master the art of pasta making and can pass on a few tips to me!


4 thoughts on “Calling All Calitri Lovers

  1. Cinguli (sp) making:

    We made Cinguli over 80 years ago. My mother was born in Calitri.

    Make a regular Pasta dough. roll out cordlike sections about two feet long. Cut pieces about 3/4 inches long. Press your indes finger down hard and pull it towrds until it curls.
    Voila! Cigul!!



  2. I submitted a recipe for Ciguli Did you get it?

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