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May 20, 2009


Santa Barbara Sojourn

We’re celebrating our anniversary and seeing that jumping on a plane and heading over to Genius Loci in Umbria wasn’t possible, we decided to do another favorite thing and so we drove up to Santa Barbara. We love this area and have a small inn that we discovered some years back, but not before staying in just about every other place in town! It’s nice to stay in a place where they know us and we know what to expect as the inn is always kept in perfect shape with great attention to detail.

Of course our anniversary dinner had to be Italian and although the whole meal was good, the standout was the surprise dessert that they sent out to us-a delicious panna cotta with fresh berries. I’m not sure why but I’ve never made panna cotta before (I think it’s the gelatin thing), but I am heading home to try it out myself! It was so light and flavorful and the berries were the perfect accompaniment, so stay tuned to see what I come up with!

P.S. From downtown we saw little evidence of the devastating fire that went through here a few weeks ago (thankfully downtown was spared), although we did see some burned hillsides above town. We did however overhear locals talking about the fire just about everywhere we went.


3 thoughts on “Santa Barbara Sojourn

  1. Ahhh my favorite place in California – hope you had a wonderful anniversary and a great dinner – I had Panne cotta with berries for the first time in Tuscany!

  2. Hey, happy anniversary! Hope you have (had) a memorable trip!!!!!

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