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May 19, 2009

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Sienna Sky

It was one of those days where one moment it was sunny and the next rain was coming down, almost sideways, as the wind was blowing like crazy. There was no chance of using an umbrella-we had seen too many blown inside out and figured why bother. We rounded a corner and there was the Duomo. It seemed like the perfect time to go in and explore this gorgeous church.

We shook off our raincoats and walked inside. The Duomo is known for its beautiful mosaic floor, however we were only able to view part of it as it is only displayed in entirety for about 10 weeks a year in the fall. We crossed the floor on wooden boards and marveled at the mosaics that we were able to see. Maybe on a future visit to Sienna we will be able to check out the intricate mosaics covering the whole floor.

As we departed, the clouds parted and the sun came out and lit up the facade of the church. We turned around to check out the mosaic of the the Coronation of the Virgin glistening above us. Once again we had seen incredible art created by so many unknown workers so many years ago. Italy, something to discover wherever you wander…


One thought on “Sienna Sky

  1. That is a remarkable church and stunning inlaid marble floors. Did you go into that beautiful chapel on the left whose name escapes me? It’s a religious experience in every sense.

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