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May 18, 2009


What’s Up With Tuscany?

val d'orcia
I’ve been thinking back to planning our first trip to Italy. I had visions of traveling there long before we actually went, but I have to admit that initially I had no idea where we should go. J. assumed that Tuscany was on the top of my list. Of course I wanted to go there at some point, but as far as I was concerned it didn’t have to be on our first trip. I knew I would be happy to just to step off the plane and onto Italian soil, anywhere.

Turns out that we did hit Tuscany that first time. After seeing two of the hot spots-Venice and Florence-we rented a car and headed out to see the countryside in the springtime. We loved every moment (well, not the lack of heat and hot water in our apartment) but also knew there were so many other areas of Italy to see on future trips.

When I began researching language schools last year I made a decision right away that I would not consider attending a school in Florence. I wanted to be in a town without a lot of Americans and maybe somewhere a little smaller. Initially I wasn’t even considering any schools in Tuscany and was very interested in classes in Abruzzo and also in Le Marche. Once I realized that I would be going there alone, I decided that maybe I should be in a town that was a little more centrally located and that would have more to see and do. I ended up in Arezzo in Tuscany and it turned out to be the perfect choice.

Yesterday one of my cousins called to entice me with plans to travel to Italy next year to stay at a home owned by one of her relatives. It’s hard to think about making plans for this time next year, but when I hear someone saying “we want you and J. to join us next year at this great house in Italy” it certainly gets my attention! Where is this place? Where else-Tusacny!


2 thoughts on “What’s Up With Tuscany?

  1. Enticing? I say go for it- you will be in ITALY!!

  2. I say go for it also. Who could resist an offer like that? I couldn’t say YES fast enough.

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