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May 15, 2009

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My Arezzo Church Tour

little church
On my daily afternoon walk around Arezzo I frequently ended up going into a church or two. I had made it a goal to eventually visit every church in town and before my stay ended, I came pretty close to doing just that. There’s a sense of peace that would come over me entering these holy places that others had gone to worship over hundreds of years. Some days I would go in during a service on Sunday, but more often than not I would stop in on a weekday and be the only one there.

Three’s the cathedral and the Chiesa di S. Francesco with its famous frescoes by Piero della Francesco, but it was the simple, unknown churches that I loved visiting. One day I happened to walk in to a dark and empty church where a young man was practicing the organ and I was treated to a private concert. Just about every one I stopped in had incredible art-statues, carvings, paintings and my absolute favorite-frescoes. I loved walking in with no expectations at all and being delighted every single time by what I discovered.

The church in the above photo (whose name escapes me) was one I tried to visit on various occasions. Each and every time I went by the door was locked, until my very last night in town. I was giving J. a walking tour of the city and when we came upon this church we heard chanting. I pulled on the door, it opened and inside this very tiny church a service was being performed and to my surprise it wasn’t your regular Catholic service, but what I thnk was Greek Orthodox. It seemed fitting that this church that was always locked would be the last stop on my tour. Now if I could just remember its name!


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