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May 14, 2009


Still Studying La Lingua Italiana

It’s been about two and half years since I started studying the Italian language. Having majored in two foreign languages in college, I never thought I would say this, but learning Italian is an incredibly humbling experience. There are days when I think “I’ve know this, I can speak this language” and then there are days like today, when I am tongue tied and can’t even remember how to conjugate a verb in the future tense!

I met with my tutor today after not seeing her since December (she was back in Italy). I considered postponing our meeting because I felt like I haven’t done a lot of studying in the last few weeks. As soon as we sat down together I was glad that I went. Just sitting there listening to her speaking Italian was worth the experience. We spent almost an hour talking before we did some grammar review and I am happy to say that even though I’m out of practice, I did understand most of what she said! On the other hand, I struggled in answering her and know that if I ever want to improve, I need to be in a class where I have to communicate with others on a frequent basis.

Learning another language is a wonderful thing to do, especially one as beautiful as Italian. Today was a great reminder that you have to constantly speak with others if you want to have any hope of remembering what you’ve learned. As I was driving home from our meeting and contemplating all of this I had a flash of genius-I need to go back and spend an extended period of time in Italy so I can conquer my goal of learning Italian. When do we leave?!


4 thoughts on “Still Studying La Lingua Italiana

  1. Another great thing to do if you’re not going to Italy, is to start a conversation group with others who speak Italian.

    • Linda-you are right! I do get together weekly with a few friends and we chat together, however we need someone who’s more advanced than we are to correct us, challenge us and help us out!

  2. sounds like me… I can understand quite a lot, but it’s when I have to express myself that it becomes difficult. To learn the basics was simple but anything beyond that… not so much.
    I agree, we both need to spend an extended period of time in Italy. I’ll meet you there! 😉

  3. Annika-your English is perfect and I have a feeling that your Italian is probably pretty good too! Yes, let’s go….

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