April 16, 2009


What’s At The Market


Living in southern California has a lot of benefits-beautiful beaches, great weather year round, and most important to me-fabulous produce at any time of year. I’m a firm believer of cooking with the seasons and eating locally grown food and living here affords me the luxury of doing just this. If we ever move somewhere with a different climate and shorter growing seasons, I would sorely miss shopping and cooking from the farmers’ market.

Spring has sprung and two of my favorite vegetables are back in all their glory-artichokes and asparagus. Both of these vegetables are so easy to prepare-a little steam and a little melted butter and you’re ready to go. Of course there are other preparations for both of theses spring veggies, but sometimes the simplest things are the best. For a stunning appetizer, take your steamed asparagus, wrap each spear in thinly sliced asparagus and watch it disappear!


4 thoughts on “What’s At The Market

  1. I love asapargus…and even found some white ones in Whole Foods yesterday, but unfortunately I was just stopping for lunch and was on the road for work, so I couldn’t buy them and bring home.

  2. Amen to that! Seasonal is best! I love both artichokes and asparagus, so this is a great time to go to the mercato. Of course, I like them on their own, but both are also good in spaghetti and risotto. Yum!

  3. I’ve been eating a ton of grilled asparagus (again tonight), and yesterday I found gorgeous, huge artichokes at the market.
    It’s starting to feel like summer here, and tomorrow my pool will be “open for the season” when we hit 90! Dinner al fresco!

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