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March 10, 2009


The Spring Garden


It was one of those days when one minute the sun is shining and the next you’re frantically trying to open your umbrella. Did I care that it might rain any minute? Not in the least. I was in Italy and being there in less than perfect weather was better than being anywhere else in the world. I had been there for a month and to be honest, I had grown used to the cooler and wetter than normal weather the country had been experiencing. So what that I hadn’t brought enough warm clothing. Weather wasn’t going to get me down!

After a month in Arezzo, J. finally joined me and with a rental car we were off to explore the back roads of Tuscany, Umbria and Le Marche. Our first stop was Montalcino where we spied this garden as we walked around the perimeter of the town. We weren’t sure where the owner of this garden lived. Maybe the house that you can see off in the distance. Are those leafy greens the beginnings of artichokes?

4 thoughts on “The Spring Garden

  1. Having just gotten back from Italy, where cousins had already tilled their soil and planted their peas, I am itching to do the same, although our weather is still a little colder than theirs. Maybe by St. Patty’s Day. Lucky you to be in gorgeous Tuscany.

  2. Spring in Tuscany would probably be the best time of year
    to visit-all the wonderful fruits and vegetables just waiting to be harvested and eaten! Lovely shot!

  3. Ciaochowlinda-I wish I could say I was lucky to be in Tuscany-that was last year I was talking about! Hope your trip was fabulous.

  4. They look like artichokes to me. You have the right attitude — !! (but secretly I am pining for warmer weather:)

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