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March 7, 2009


The Finished Product


And it was delicious. I grilled the bread, rubbed with garlic, spread my homemade ricotta and topped with roasted cherry tomatoes, salt and pepper and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil-wonderful! Later we had open face meatball sandwiches and used a little bit of the ricotta here too. I’m sure I could find a variety of other uses for freshly made cheese, but there’s only about a spoonful left. The recipe using 8 cups of milk only yields 1-1/2 cups cheese. So if you want to use it in a lasagna or a cheese pie, you’ll need to keep a cow out back!

5 thoughts on “The Finished Product

  1. Mmmmm! Simply sublime … home made cheese, garlic, roasted tomatoes … wow!

  2. good grief my mouth is watering it looks so delicious!!

  3. Triple MMMMMMM!! Should be on the cover of Gourmet Magazine Janie!

  4. I really love open faced sandwiches. I could eat that entire plate.

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