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January 23, 2009


An Italian Immigrant Serves His New Country

Since writing about my grandfather a while ago I remembered a few other things about him. He became a US citizen six years after arriving here and then a few short years later was called up to serve his new country in the war in Europe. I recently found my grandfather’s discharge papers from World War 1 and discovered that he had been fighting in France. He was injured in this war and I remember him walking with a limp.

I wonder if he had time at the end of the war to go back to his homeland. I’m not sure that he ever had the chance to return to Calitri, the town where he left his parents behind. My grandmother returned once, not long after the Second World War and I was told that she left everything that she brought with her (all of her clothing) for her impoverished family. It’s hard for me to imagine what it must have been like to live in a small town like Calitri through the long years of German occupation. Some day I hope to meet some relatives there who may have stories that were handed down from their ancestors.


3 thoughts on “An Italian Immigrant Serves His New Country

  1. What a handsome guy your Pappa was! It’s great that you have photos of him in his uniform.

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  3. The early Italian immigrants must have had a hard time at first and how awful must it have been to leave everything they knew behind.

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