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December 6, 2008


‘Tis The Season…

…for entertaining. I love to have people over and for the many years that I worked in a holiday driven business, I was never able to entertain in November or December. Come Saturday night I was too tired to go to a party, let alone give one! A few months back I toyed with the idea of throwing a big holiday get together, but decided to do a few smaller dinner parties instead. Tonight is the first one and the guests are the friends I met in Italian class last year and their husbands. I’ve been wanting to do this since V. returned from her stay in Arezzo in October, but this is the first time we could all make it on the same night.

In honor of our love of all things Italian the menu will of course follow suit. I’ve decided to keep it simple so that I have time to enjoy our guests rather than being in the kitchen the entire evening. I thought I was just about finished and a few minutes ago I decided that it might be nice to have some homemade focaccia, so I’m off to the kitchen to get the dough started.

Warm Chicken Liver Pate with Crostini
Olive alla Marchigiana (meat stuffed fried olives)

Lasagna Bolognese
Mixed greens with Fennel, Endive and Pine Nuts

Tiramisu Affogato

As for the big holiday party, a Boxing Day party might be nice. If only my friend B. could fly over from the UK to help me host it!

3 thoughts on “‘Tis The Season…

  1. Have a wonderful evening with your Italian friends! Tomorrow night we are having a progressive dinner on my block, I am cooking the main course, I decided to go simple-chicken piccata with artichokes, mixed green salad with toasted walnuts, dried cranberries and goat cheese –then on to the last house for dessert.

    Buon Appetito!!

  2. Have a wonderful dinner-sounds delicious!

  3. We did the same thing! It was a total blast, too!

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