October 6, 2008


Reasons To Fall For Martha’s Vineyard

It’s so quiet here.
Trees everywhere.
There are no traffic lights-just stop signs.
The top speed limit is 45 mph.
You have to make an effort to get here-a plane or a ferry.
Chilmark Chocolates-handmade chocolates, the old fashioned way.

There is no fast food.
There is fudge!
Fresh seafood abounds-can you say “lobster”?
Dirt roads leading to secluded spots.
Sheep grazing in green fields on bluffs perched above the sea.

Elegant buildings from the 1700 and 1800’s.
Beautiful beaches.
A slower pace.
Did I say quiet?

5 thoughts on “Reasons To Fall For Martha’s Vineyard

  1. i am so jealous!!!! I want to see fall in New England…and walk the sand dunes..

  2. That sounds just perfect and I LOVE seafood. “Lobster, lobser, lobster”. Yep, I can say it!

  3. Linda, Casalba and Robin-it really is a little piece of paradise at this time of year without the crowds.

  4. Oh I was there . I love that place . Best time is after all
    the tourist leave .. Oaks Bluff and Vineyard Haven :))))

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