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July 19, 2008


La Pasta Di Campania-Again

Back in October when I started this blog one of the first things that I wrote about was trying to replicate my grandmother’s hand made pasta. She made the most incredible hand rolled pasta and although I can make fairly decent noodles, I long for her “jingles” (our family name for macaroni shape). I followed a recipe that I found in Bon Appetit that came from a well known chef from Campania. It was okay, but they weren’t tender enough and I felt they were more like gnocchi, than the melt in your mouth creation of my grandmother. I’m not blaming the recipe. I’m sure his are wonderful. Mine were just too heavy.

The other night I decided it was time to attempt the recipe again. This time I used 00 flour, which is closer to what is used in Italy. I made sure to knead the dough for at least five minutes. It was very smooth and seemed less heavy. I also decided to make them smaller and hoped that they would be lighter. Well, in the end they tasted exactly the same as my last attempt! I will not be discouraged by this. If it means going to my grandmother’s home town and finding some nonna to give me a lesson, I will do it! (Oh, that would be tough duty for me…). Next I am going to try what I think was my grandmother’s recipe. The one I just followed uses water, flour and olive oil. My mother thinks my grandmother used water, flour and egg white. We’ll see what happens!


8 thoughts on “La Pasta Di Campania-Again

  1. I hope you figure it out. I’ve had terrible luck with gnocchi.

  2. I love it with both the ricotta or with pototoes!!! Yummy ………

  3. I made gnocci once. Really, really time consuming. I must admit, they were pretty good, but since I have a great local joint that makes THE BEST handmade pasta every night for dinner…I say why bother?

  4. Gnocchi are very persnickety. One time they’re perfect and they next they’re a lumpy mess of goo. Depends on the potatoes, I guess. Have you tried making the pasta with semolina flour? That’s usually what would be used for maccheroni.

  5. What I’m trying to make aren’t gnocchi-no potatoes involved. It was a type of pasta (we called it macaroni) and it was so tender that it would melt in your mouth. I’m fairly sure that my grandmother didn’t use semolina, just regular flour.

  6. My great-grandfather Canio Zarrilli I believe had a pasta business in Calitri and I am told it employed many people, has anyone ever heard of this man his nickname was Cannemache.. that’s the closest spelling I can come up with.. my mother was Filomena DeRosa from Calitri, daughter of Carlo Rafaele DeRosa and Angela Zarrilli.. thanks to all of you…

    • Anna-have you been to Calitri? We went once and I long to return. Where did your family settle when they left Italy?

      • Yes, I’ve been to Calitri twice.. only my mother and one brother migrated to the U.S. Her brother settled in Patterson NJ. and my mother in Richmond Hill N.Y.

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