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July 15, 2008


A Summer Dessert

No, this isn’t my first attempt at cooking from my huge collection of cookbooks. Yes, it is a new recipe for me, but it’s from the July issue of Gourmet magazine. It’s called “Mascarpone-Filled Cake With Sherried Berries” and it’s easy and the cake can be baked a day ahead and then everything assembled an hour or two before serving. I actually put it together just before we sat down to dessert and it took no time at all. What initially drew me the recipe (besides the gorgeous photo in the magazine) was the fact that the filling was mascarpone cheese whipped with heavy cream-that’s my kind of filling and goes perfect with summer berries. I had a little leftover filling and so I topped each serving with more berries and a dollop of the creamy mascarpone.

Check out Gourmet for the recipe or just take a look on Epicurious. Happy Summer Dessert!

P.S. I never really plan on taking photos when I’m in the kitchen and so I’m usually rushed when I finally decide to do it. My hats off to all you food bloggers whose food photos are gorgeous time after time. I need to take a class!


3 thoughts on “A Summer Dessert

  1. I love morscapone cheese with berries. Well, with anything really!!

    My food pictures usually come out very blurry because the lighting in my kitchen is bad. It’s too dark!

    So I need a better camera 😉

  2. I think your photos are lovely!

  3. Thanks Valerie-I’m trying!

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