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July 4, 2008


American As Apple…

Happy 4th of July to all of you American bloggers and readers. I was treated to these gorgeous apples by my friend A.’s dad (in addition to equally sumptious plums which I’ve been enjoying all week long). He grows these in his yard along with a variety of vegetables. I’m not quite sure how to officially describe his profession-he has developed various strains of vegetables-but I am very happy to be the recipient of anything that he has grown.

I probably wouldn’t go out and buy apples at this time of year with such an abundance of berries and stone fruit available, but I am thrilled to have these beauties and am thinking about what I should make. Maybe just an old fashioned apple pie to go along with the holiday-oh and topped with vanilla ice cream!


4 thoughts on “American As Apple…

  1. They’re beautiful! You are such a good photographer!

  2. Hey Janie,
    I talked to my parents yesterday and they told me they had left you with an abundance of plums (my mom is still looking for tips on how to prepare those left) but did not mention the apples!

    Funny, a friend’s daughter made homemade apple pie for our July 4 celebration, and it was the best treat of the evening.

    For those interested, my dad’s profession before retiring was plant geneticist, but now he spends most of his time restoring and repairing old clocks.

  3. Abbie-thanks for the correct terminology. I always wanted to call your dad an agriculturalist (is that even a word?). Tell your mom to make a plum crisp-I don’t think you even need to peel them-the skin just melts into the dish. Those plums were delicious!

  4. Gorgeous. Makes me thirsty, actually, for some fresh pressed apple juice!

    Restoring old clocks is a very worthy pastime. It requires mixing technical talent with love. That is a fantastic combination.

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