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May 28, 2008


La Pasticceria

This is one of my favorite shops in Arezzo. I discovered it not long after my arrival, as it was just a few blocks from school. The first time I went in, I just stood and stared at all the beautiful pastries. I don’t even think I even ordered anything. I was a little overwhelmed by the selection and not being much of a pastry person, I wasn’t sure of what I should order. Of course that first week I was still hesitant about speaking aloud in shops, but when there’s such fabulous food waiting to be consumed, it’s easy to get over that insecurity! On my next visit I left the shop with a small bag with two or three “pasticcini” (little pastries).

Over the next few weeks this became a regular stop for me. I tried to not go in every day but on those mornings when I would pass by on the way to class without stopping, I found myself heading back there during the “pausa” (break) and I would enjoy a bite or two before my conversation class began. I was fascinated watching the woman behind the counter wrapping up the larger orders and I felt the need to buy more just so I could have the pretty wrapping!

About 10 days before the end of my class I moved apartments. I really wanted to be in the “centro storico” and I had the opportunity to move to a lovely apartment much closer to school. Imagine my surprise when I realized that the front door to my new building was directly opposite Pasticceria di Cenci. Talk about good fortune!
By now I was a regular in the shop and the lovely employee would chat with me when I came in. I tried a variety of things over the course of those weeks, but invariably I had to order the small oval tartlet that had some kind of ricotta filling. And of course I was partial to the hazelnut chocolate filling too!
I had planned all along to buy a large selection on my last day of school to treat my classmates, but for some reason the shop was closed that morning. The following day before we picked up our rental car to leave town, I went in to say goodbye and make my final purchase. Yes, I got enough so I could have the charming blue wrapping and as we headed out of town I untied the gold shiny ribbon and started in on a little bit of pastry heaven.


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