April 23, 2008


Ascoli Piceno

Before heading out to the countryside of Le Marche we spent two nights in the small city of Ascoli Piceno which is where we ended up after the many tunnels through the mountains coming from Umbria. I had been interested in seeing this area after following the adventures of Valerie and Bryan.who, moved to this small city about a year and half ago. We were lucky to be able to meet them for coffee and hear from them what it’s really like to live in Italy. They had planned on spending a year abroad and now have been happily settled into life in Italy for almost two years. They have great information on the area and you should check out their blogs, especially if you think you might be in the area as they can arrange a tour for you.

We celebrated J.’s birthday while visiting Ascoli Piceno and had a delicious dinner at a restaurant they recommended to us-La Locanderia. There was one waiter serving the room of about ten tables. We never did see a menu and plates of food just stared arriving one after another. I finally had to say “Basta” as I couldn’t eat another bite! Everything was delicious and the price was right. Thank you Valerie and Bryan!

2 thoughts on “Ascoli Piceno

  1. We *so* enjoyed meeting you. Hope you’ll make it back to Ascoli again soon!

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