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March 22, 2008


Things That Confuse Me

Okay-now I know we’re really spoiled by having everything so easy in the US! I’ve been abroad on vacation before and have noticed many differences, but hey, when on vacation, anything goes! When it’s day to day living you begin to realize the many things that you take for granted at home. I know I’ve already said “hot water”, but I’m saying it again. Yes, I learned how to get the hot water, now I just need to know how to get more! I should have prefaced this by saying that J. calls me “no-tech”. I’m not even “low-tech”. That fact that I can even blog at all is probably amazing to J. and to me too (you’ll notice I don’t have a lot more than text on my blog and the occasional link). Anyway there’s hardly any hot water-not even enough to take a shower. I learned pretty quickly that there’s no way to take a shower or bath and wash my hair in the same event! At home I’m really quick in the shower so it’s not a matter of lingering too long. There’s just not much happening in the hot water department. I have to push a button on the water heater just to get in going!

Doing laundry -every day I try to put myself out there and do something or go and talk to someone, that takes me out of my comfort zone. There’s plenty of opportunity for this! Maybe it’s because I’m on my own with no one to commiserate with that things can seem difficult. I’ve been doing laundry by hand, even though there’s a washing machine here. Mr. Z. did not show it to me and say “Tu puoi usarla”-like he did with elevator and then gave me a little lesson. I’ve looked at the machine and it seems to be hooked up, but what do those symbols mean? I’m the same person who didn’t know that the water heater wasn’t even on! I would not have been a good wife in the olden days-doing laundry by hand is awful! There is a laundromat nearby and I’m thinking of going there on Easter to try it when everyone is celebrating with their families and not there watching me stand in wonder in front of the machines!

The stove is actually easy-you just need to light the burners with a match and of course I was running out of matches and didn’t know the word for them, but I managed to get some by talking about cigararettes!

I’m doing really well and these are all very small things (well, I can’t deny that I’d like a real shower). I love being in Arezzo-it’s the perfect size small city with virtually no tourists. Today is the first time that I heard anything but Italian being spoken on the streets and it was German that I heard. It’s a holiday weekend and there are more people walking around town. All in all this is a wonderful experience and my only wish is that J. were here with me…

7 thoughts on “Things That Confuse Me

  1. Janie,
    Your pics are awesome. All your posts make me smile. I am so proud/pleased that you are able to have this adventure. Can’t wait to hear about it in person when you get back. Love to you and happy Easter.

  2. Hey there! I have really enjoyed reading about your adventure in Arezzo! All these things confused me initially as well. You will get the hang of it! Enjoy!
    Buona Pasqua e Pasquetta!

  3. Kim-I’m so happy to hear from you! Keep in touch-miss you!
    Jessica-I’m starting to get the hang of things but everday there’s a new question!

  4. I remember Arezzo from a visit 20 years ago…..and I can’t believe that you are actually living there! But, you sound a bit lonesome…..what are the other students like?

  5. Hi Meg-did you come here on your honeymoon? The evenings are a bit lonely-I have plenty of studying to do! I had hoped to meet more people at school but everyone is Japanese and they all hang out together! Last week there were 2 others (from Ireland and Germany, but the’yre gone!). I’m very happy to be here, but miss J.

  6. Hi J, finally feeling 1/2 normal. Had a chance to catch up on your adventures. I can’t imagine how different it must be. Hope you are having a great time. I know J is missing you too. Write if you can.

  7. Hi Janie,
    Your trip sounds wonderful! I’m so impressed with you for doing this on your own. I’m looking forward to hearing all when you get back…will do so over some nice tea.
    With love

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