March 19, 2008


La Scuola (The School)

After a very restless night (noisy upstairs neighbors) I head out to the school, take another test (more advanced grammar than I’ve had), gave a little speech and settle into a small class (4 of us) with a wonderful instructor. A few hours of grammar (all review for me but I need it) and then on to a more advanced conversation class where I’m the least knowledgable (not a comforting feeling). After that we head out for an excursion-I’m exhausted but I couldn’t pass this up-it’s to a small, well known chocolate factory. Now you’re talking my language! More on this later. Then back to the city for a tour of some of is churches. I had expected to be out of school and back at the apartment at 1:30 and got home at 6:30. It was incredibly challenging listening to and attempting to speak in Italian ALL DAY LONG, but I survived! I was in need of food and sleep. As I dragged myself throuugh town I looked around and a huge smile broke on my face as I took in my surroundings!

3 thoughts on “La Scuola (The School)

  1. Yay!!! Glad you got there safely. Seems like you are settling in. Just saw Life is Beautiful again this past weekend and thought of you, cause it is filmed in Arezzo.

    I do hope you get to see all the lovely sites that were in the movie. And if you decide to share some lovely photos of the town…I sure would love it 🙂

    Buona fortuna con la scuola e classes l’italiano!!

  2. I have been checking my bookmark to “Panini Girl” daily to get news of your safe arrival – finally! Glad you can find an internet connection.

  3. Hi Robin and Abbie-thanks for checking back! I love Arezzo-it’s the perfect size! Robin-I’ll e0mail with some details on the school!

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