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January 11, 2008


Calitri-Around Town

I haven’t written about Calitri in a while. I think I need to go back so I have more insight into the town and can write more about this charming place. Does that sound like a good excuse for a trip to Italy? As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve done a little bit of research into my family’s history there. There’s a lot more information about my grandfather’s family going back into the 1700’s. I decided to check the white pages of the Calitri phone book to see what I could find for the Capossela family. There’s only about 5 or 6 entries with this name and I’ve been thinking about writing each of them a letter (in my fledgling Italian) explaining who I was and that I was searching for relatives. I thought about having my letter translated for me by an “Italian” that I met at school, but I really should stop being so intimidated and write the letter myself! Wouldn’t it be great if one of them actually wrote back to me and I made a connection with a family member? As for my grandmother’s side of the family, practically every other person in town has her surname-Maffucci. I think I’ll save the research on this side of the family until I’m there again and can do some investigating at the town office.

There’s always memories to hold me until I’m there again…
View from our hotel.

A foggy morning.
The old town in the distance.

Off in the valley.
Shouldn’t we go back soon?

3 thoughts on “Calitri-Around Town

  1. You really should 🙂 Gorgeous photos!

  2. Dear Panini Girl,
    I was trying to find an address, when I came across your page. I was in Calitri a few weeks ago and it was just so beautiful.
    If you’re looking for some info on calitri, there’s a Facebook page called viva calitri. There’s also a website called
    I hope you can find some information on your family.
    All the best, Enza

  3. Enza-thank you so much for the information. I’m glad you found it as charming as we did.

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