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December 15, 2007


Baking, Linking And Hoping

For many months I thought about starting a blog. I was held back by my lack of computer knowledge and finally in September I decided to just take a stab at it. J. kindly offered to help, but for some reason I just felt that I had to attempt it on my own. I went through four different blog sites before I found one that I could easily use with a Mac (that was my experience, an knowledgable person may have had success with their first attempt). So I got going in October and started slowly. I didn’t have too much trouble setting up my simple site and after a few attempts I even figured out how to upload photos!

I bought a book about blogging, but have yet to open it-maybe it’s time that I take a look! I’ve decided that it’s also time that I figure out how to add a link in the post. Are you all laughing at what to me is a challenge? I tried a few weeks ago and something was amiss. Today I wanted to answer Sara’s plea (at Ms. Adventures in Italy) to bring attention to Menu for Hope and realized that I had to conquer the link challenge. Menu for Hope is in it’s fourth year and is a fund raising effort for the school lunch program in Lesotho in Africa. I will let someone who is more versed on the specifics explain this to you, but I will say that this fund raising effort is a fabulous raffle for anyone who enjoys cooking, food, wine as all the prizes are food or wine related and have been donated by a variety of food bloggers.

Take a look over at Ms. Adventures In Italy and you’ll find more information on the fund raising effort and a link to the generous prizes offered by the bloggers.

While working on “linking” I decided to start “baking” and made the Sicilian Pistachio Cookies from Gina DePalma’s “Dolce Italiano”. You can also read this recipe on Sara’s site when you’re over there reading up on the Menu for Hope. The cookies are delicious! I started with eating the dough that was left in the bottom of the bowl, then moved on to all the bits that were left over after I cut out the stars and then ended with the finished product, dipped in chocolate and covered with sprinkles. Wow-these are yummy! Our little neighbors, who are 3 and 6 years old, heard that there were cookies on the cooling rack and they ended up in the kitchen with me eating all the leftover shapes that I had also dipped and sprinkled. The topping had not really dried so their cute, smiley faces were covered in chocolate!

So-it’s been an interesting afternoon-a little success with a “link”, a lot of success with the cookies and the joy of seeing those two little faces munching the cookie bits!


2 thoughts on “Baking, Linking And Hoping

  1. Ciao PaniniGirl – your first attempt was great!!!

    It looks like you didn’t “close” the a tag – a hyperlink in a blog has three parts:

    1. the open tag (with the link to my site, for example) which you inserted from the mail I sent
    2. the text that will be highlighted as a link / clickable
    3. the “close” tag which is ” (without the quotes – it won’t let me insert it in this)

    So it should be

    open tag + link TEXT TO LINK closetag

  2. Ok, it didn’t let me post it in the comments but it’s like this (with no spaces)

    leftbracket /a rightbracket

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