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December 5, 2007

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So French You Can Feel It!

Finally, a great restaurant in the San Diego area! Maybe I just don’t get out enough, but we’re usually disappointed when we go out to eat. I read about this restaurant “Cavaillon” a while ago and have wanted to try it and so we decided to go for brunch on Sunday. After getting lost, we pulled into this miniscule shopping center in a rather new housing development in the Sanatluz suburb of San Diego and there it was. I was relieved, as I had visions of driving back and forth on the same road all afternoon in search of this place. Cavaillon, named after the southern region in France where the chef is from, features French cuisine, inspired by the food of the Mediterranean.

I was pleased to find that the restaurant was much smaller than I had expected. There’s a tiny bar as you enter and I can imagine sitting here and sipping a Kir Royale while waiting for a table. There’s probably only about a dozen tables inside and a small patio off the bar area with additional seating. The dining room with it’s yellow painted walls, is warm and cozy. We were given the brunch menu which featured a variety of egg dishes in addition to “Cafe du Monde” beignets which I was really tempted to order, however I had already spied “profiteroles” under the dessert section and knew I had to save room for that!

The other side of the menu featued lunch items and the waiter also handed us the dinner menu and it seems that we could have ordered form any of these areas. Even though it was already afternoon (I did say we were lost getting here!) I chose the eggs benedict with spinach and bacon. I’m not usually a huge fan of eggs benedict but I do love the version with fresh spinach (also known as eggs florentine) and this one was served with crisp bacon on the side. The hollandaise was probably the lightest tasting that I’ve ever had and I savored every single bite!

I can’t even dare to imagine what the potatoes that were served with this had been cooked in-they were to die for! J. ordered his favorite, duck confit, which came with these same scrumptious potatoes and a delicious wine reduction sauce. Yes-I did have room for the profiteroles-three perfect pate a choux bundles filled with homemade vanilla, coconut and pistachio ice cream covered with a luscious chocolate sauce. As is dragged my spoon through the last of the chocolate, we decided that we would be driving back soon to have dinner. Now that we know the way, it won’t seem far at all!


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