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November 28, 2007

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The Edge Of Town-Calitri

It’s amazing to me that a little over two years ago when we were planning our trip to Italy, with a quick excursion to Calitri to see my grandparents’ birthplace, there was virtually no information available on the town. We would scour the internet for any details on the area and we barely found a hotel where we could spend the night. Now with reconstruction of the Antico Borgo there’s a plethora of information available and a variety of rentals in the newly developed part of town. When we walked the alleys of the borgo there were many abandoned homes and at that time there were only a few sites that were under construction. We noticed some homes that were being lived in, but not very many. As we walked through the town I wondered which homes had belonged to the families of my grandparents. We walked until we could go no further and came to this crumbling wall and beyond that, a huge drop off. We wondered if there had been a home here before the earthquake. My husband dubbed this site “The Edge of Town” as he peered over to the valley below.
Last week a friend brought me an article that she had seen in the NY Times. She knows I’m Italy obsessed and thought I might find the article interesting as it was about a woman who had gone to find the birthplace of her grandparents. She said that the article reminded her of what I’d like to do and imagine my shock when I picked up the paper and saw that the article was about a woman finding her roots in Calitri. I was fascinated and jealous, all at the same time. It was a wonderful story and I’m sure all of you Calitri fans who are in NY have already read her story. I thoroughy enjoyed it and would love to get in touch with this woman and hear more of her time in Calitri. She is so lucky to be able to purchase the exact dwelling where her family had lived. I am now determined on our next trip there to get the information on where my grandmother and grandfarther had lived. I want to be able to go stand in front of their homes. Maybe one of them is available to rent. Who knows what I’ll discover? Now that I can speak a little Italian maybe I can make a connection with a long lost relative.


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