November 24, 2007

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Il Vino Italiano

I love Italian wine! My husband is a huge fan of California reds and there’s always a great selection of those at our house, but I want to drink Italian red wine. There’s just something about the depth of flavor that entices me. Here in California most of the great Italian reds are unfortuantely really expensive, but there are some good ones that are affordable. The other day we decided to treat ourselves and have a glass of Rosso di Montalcino with our lunch-something that we rarely do! Usually we’re having a sandwich or a salad with iced tea or water, but I had purchased the most delicious Italian tortellini from our local cheese shop and decided that it warranted drinking some Italian wine. If you ever see these fresh totellini, you have to buy them.They’re from “Bertagni”, the oldest tortellini manufacturer in the world. If you can’t be in Bologna eating tortellini, these will have to do! Sitting at the counter in our kitchen, sipping the wine and eating this bowl of pasta, I was transported back to the long lunches of of our Italian vacations. Why shouldn’t we take the time to relax with a glass of wine at lunch instead of rushing through a sandwich? I love the fact the fact that in Italy you don’t have to order an expensive bottle to have good wine and that many times the house wines that the restaurants serve can be really good too. I remember seeing huge wine bottles in baskets when we were driving through the Chianti countryside and thinking “wow-wine really is still transported like that.”

When I was going through my dad’s photos the other day I came across these wonderful pictures. I can only imagine how my father felt as he and his fellow soldiers were driving through the southern Italian countryside and came upon this group carrying their bottles!
women-wwine-on-heads.jpgIt wasn’t until J. pointed it out to me that I noticed the barbed wire on the ground in front of the women. A reminder that this was a time of war, however some semblance of everday life continued on for those not in the fighting.women-wwine-on-heads-2.jpgAnd lastly, possibly my favorite shot of this group-nobody’s perfect!women-wwine-on-heads-3.jpg


One thought on “Il Vino Italiano

  1. These photos are fabulous! And you’re so right, why can’t lunch be lingered over and enjoyed? Whenever we order some house wine with our lunch here we always think, “poor saps back home can’t do this!” We still chuckle that the workers drink a liter or more then go back to their jobs…in the US you’d be fired for having even a remote hint of alcohol on your breath! But nothing washes down the pasta like a little vino.

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