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October 15, 2007


La Mia Amica

Meet my friend B. She’s actually more like a sister. Her dad calls us the “gourmet sisters” (which we translated to “les soeurs gourmets” because it sounds better!). We actually met through letters almost twelve years ago but only met face to face in 2004. My dad was a friend of her family for many years.They actually made him a part of their family and he spent part of every year with them in their charming town-Faversham-located in Kent, outside of London.

B. and I began corresponding by letters and never even spoke on the phone until after about 8 years of writing! We just seemed to click as friends. There’s something very special and old fashioned about a pen pal! We both love cooking and everything food related. We found it very easy to open up to each other and share our experiences, dreams and sorrows.

When she decided to marry in 2004 I decided it was time to just get on a plane and meet! Our emotional meeting in Heathrow was like something out of a movie. Since then we’ve gotten together two other times. We still write letters but have also decided to e-mail to keep up with each other. We wish we lived in the same town. We know that we would have a food business together. My dad always told her family how much alike B. and I were. I only wish that she and I had become friends sooner!


3 thoughts on “La Mia Amica

  1. Isn’t it nice having a long distance friend like that! I have one from Paris. It hasn’t been 8 years…only 2, but we were internet friends and didn’t meet until about a year later. And what fun it was!! It is nice having a buddy with a dose of a different culture in your life…I hope my friendship with her lasts a lifetime…

  2. Just a hi from B!! Love your blog!! Will write proper letter soon x

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