This is my favorite shop in Lucca, located within the walls of the anfiteatro. It’s run by a mother and her daughters (le sorelle) and even though the shop is small, it is full of unique, incredibly interesting and well designed items for the home.

In addition to lovely linens and ceramics they have a great selection of locally produced soaps-just the perfect gift to tuck into your suitcase for a friend back home.

Around the corner on the outer wall of the anfiteatro you’ll find this charming shop run by a weaver. There she is at her loom weaving as you wander around marveling at her wares. Notice how she has her shoes off and is working the pedals in her bare feet. Sorry-I don’t know the name of this shop but if you walk around the outside of the anfiteatro you will see it.

Inside you’ll find a variety of woven items-scarves, shawls, sweaters and more, each more lovely than the next.

If I were in Lucca right now you can bet that I’d be I’d be doing my Christmas shopping in these stores. Come along with me next spring and you can get a head start on your holiday shopping!

Spring In Tuscany-Cook With Panini Girl In Lucca

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